Friday, June 13, 2008


Today I will post a little tribute of thankfulness:

Thank you! I'm sure I won't be able to express all of the gratitude to you in this short little post but I wanted to just make sure you knew how much I love you. Thank you for always being a provider for our family. Thank you for always coming home and loving us. Thank you for all the times we would break something and then you would have to fix it. Thank you for all your patience with us. Thank you for the three point shots out in the driveway and normally making one or two so I could call you "The Living Legend." Thank you for all the times in the pool and being able to spike a beach ball at my own dad (It's more fun to play on your team but normally that is not allowed for some reason). Most importantly though, thanks for showing me your love for mom. Thank you for the mornings I would wake up and see you two reading your Bible together or hearing you praying down the hall. Some how when I would wake up you all would normally be praying for me (Did you all change what you were praying about because you heard me wake up? ha). Thank you for your work and desire to see marriage be what it ought to be in a world that could care less. Thank you for taking us to church every Sunday even though we may not have wanted to go. Thank you for having us in a church that always taught the truth of Jesus Christ. I hope, if the Lord blesses us with kids, I can love them the way you loved me. I know you cannot take all the credit so mom thank you for saying yes to dad when he asked you to marry him. I'm sure at the time he had no idea how good he was going to have it. "A godly wife is the crown of her husband." I love you both.

Happy dad's day

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