Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why would a God of love send anyone to hell?

Hell only seems harsh when we don’t see how infinitely serious it is to rebel against God. And it only seems harsh when we don’t realize how infinitely holy God is; in other words, how entirely perfect, how completely true, how utterly good and how profoundly beautiful God is. He is infinitely worthy of our love; and we love anyone, anything, but Him. He gives and sustains life; and we spend it trying to wish Him out of existence.
The way Jesus describes hell – and the excruciating lengths to which He went in order that people might be kept from it – should prove one thing, if nothing else: God’s holiness and our sin must both be infinitely great.
In fact, once we glimpse the infinite depths of human sin, and the infinite heights of God’s holiness, our question may well change. Rather than demanding, “Why send anyone to hell?”, we may well ask, “How can you admit anyone to heaven?”

-Paul Williams and Barry Cooper (If You Could Ask God One Question)

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