Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Accountable to One

In his book Not Even a Hint, Josh Harris gives us some great pointers on how to help each other out, as brothers and sisters, in the fight against sin. Josh Harris quotes Alan Medinger:

"An accountability relationship is one in which a Christian gives permission to another believer to look into his life for purposes of questioning, challenging, admonishing, advising, encouraging and otherwise providing input in ways that will help the individual live according to the Christian principles that they both hold."

James writes, "Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another" (5:16). The fight against sin is no easy task. God has graciously given his Spirit to those he came to save. He has given us the unity of the body for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel to the world this includes each other. We never want to be so arrogant to think we have moved beyond the gospel. The gospel is central to all thing pertaining to life. Accountability is no different. Seeing the gospel brings about confession and repentance.

Later in the chapter "Lone Rangers are Dead Rangers", Josh says, "Confession can be a helpful part of repentance, but it can't take its place. It's possible to feel bad about something and even tell someone else but not genuinely turn from our sin." Here is the danger: We may confess our sin but never repent. Accountability can only go so far between to people but we are all held accountable before the One who sees and knows all things. You cannot run and hide. Repent of your sin and trust that Jesus death is sufficient to cover your sin. "It's only when we remember that God has forgiven our sin because of Jesus Christ that we can find the resolve to keep battling sin."

My encouragement would be to find another believer to hold you accountable. Find someone who loves you enough to speak Scripture to correct, encourage and admonish you. "We don't need to be consoled or comforted for our sin; we need to kill it!" Find someone to help you kill your sin.

Grace upon grace,

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