Thursday, December 3, 2009

Even Complaining?

Do you struggle with complaining? Here is a sin that I overlook often. Sadly it has become one of those sins that I can throw into a lesser category or as Jerry Bridge's calls them "Respectable Sins" but when we are speaking about sin against a holy God we must not minimize any sin. Complaining is horrific to a perfect God. The Bible is clears that we are to "do everything without complaining" (Phil. 2:14). Everything in this text is not a typo. All things are to be done without complaining. Why? J.R. Miller helps us out:

"Does God really hear every discontented word which I ever speak?

Does He hear when I grumble about the weather . . .
about the hard winter,
about the late spring,
about the dry summer,
about the wet harvest?

Does He hear when I grumble . . .
about the frosts,
about the drought,
about the high winds,
about the storms?

Does He hear when I grumble . . .
about my circumstances,
about the hardness of my lot,
about my losses and disappointments?

If we could get into our heart, and keep there continually, the consciousness that God hears every word we speak--would we murmur and complain so much as we now do?

We are careful never to speak words which would give pain to the hearts of those we love. Are we as careful not to say anything that will grieve our heavenly Father?"
(Miller's Year Book from Grace Gems)

May we guard our hearts from the subtly of sin. If we are not constantly praying for the Holy Spirit to reveal sin in our lives we will overlook such sins. All sin grieves God so we must be vigilant in the fight.

Grace upon grace,

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