Thursday, December 31, 2009

Losing Myself

To end the year I thought I would share how Andrew Murray closes his book on Humility:

"It is only in the possession of God that I lose myself. As it is in the height and breadth and glory of the sunshine that the littleness of the mote playing in its beams is seen, even so humility is the taking our place in God's presence to be nothing but a mote dwelling in the sunlight of his love.

How great is God! How small am I!
Lost, swallowed up in Love's immensity!
God only there, not I.

May God teach us to believe that to be humble, to be nothing in his presence, is the highest attainment, and the fullest blessing, of the Christian life. He speaks to us: 'I dwell in the high and holy place, and with him that is of a contrite and humble spirit' (Isaiah 57:15). Be this our portion!

Oh, to be emptier, lowlier,
Mean, unnoticed , and unknown,
And to God a vessel holier,
Filled with Christ, and Christ alone!"

May this be our prayer for the new year or better yet while God gives us breath here on earth.

Grace upon grace,

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Jennifer said...

What a fabulous poem! Is that something he wrote or is there a credit to another author? I'm wondering if that's the entire poem of if there's more.

Thanks for sharing it.