Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Guide for Your Time in the Word

Tim Senn gave 9 great questions to ask when you close your Bible after reading:

1. Was there a sin I was convicted of and need to turn away from?
2. Is there a command that I need to obey?
3. Is there a promise to believe or some attitude of faith that I need to adopt?
4. Is there an example to follow?
5. Is there an attitude that I need to change or get rid of?
6. Is there a truth about God or Jesus that I need to meditate on?
7. Is there a false teaching or worldview that I need to reject?
8. Is there a prayer that I need to make my own?
9. Is there a person I need to forgive or to seek reconciliation?

I would encourage each of you to print these off and keep them near by as you open the Word.

Grace upon grace,

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