Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grace, Grace, Grace

Have you ever finished reading your Bible and thought "ouch"? Or a book that is saturated in Scripture? The other day I was reading Maurice Robert's book The Thought of God and was terribly convicted on my trivialization of sin. In his chapter 'O the Depth!' he writes:

"It is the besetting sin of our age to trivialize sin. The remedy is to mediate on the holiness and righteousness of God himself, on the strictness and perfection of his laws, on the agonies of the damned in hell and, above all, on the sufferings of our blessed Redeember on the cross of Calvary. The Christian stops making spiritual progress as soon as he stops repenting. The modern fashion is to skp through a few words of confession as though sin were no more serious to God than the omission of some detail of etiquette or the infringement of table-manners.

Let us recall that sin is the contradiction of God. The best saints have looked into their own hearts as into a bottomless pit of corruption or an ocean of depravity. They were right to do so. It is something we need to learn from them all over again. Of our sins, we might say 'O the depth!'"

Some of you may read these words and instantly think, "What's wrong with this guys self-esteem? No one is that bad of a person unless they have committed a major crime?" This is exactly the problem he is addressing. We have put God on our own level at this point. May we look at Isaiah 6 and be reminded that God is "Holy, holy, holy"! May we see him and be undone crying out "Woe is me" I am unclean. The point is not to lower your feeling of self-esteem. Let me tell you the objective truth: We are sinners!! BUT don't stay there. Lift up your voice being reminded "Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me." God is full of grace. His grace is so amazing when we realize the depravity of our sinful souls. What a great God who loves his children faithfully and graciously. O the depths of his love.

Grace upon grace,

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