Friday, April 23, 2010

No one seeks for God

“No one seeks for God” (Romans 3:11)

In a day of a seeker sensitive church it seems Paul goes against this idea when he quotes David from back in the Psalms saying “No one seeks for God.” Through the first three chapters of Romans Paul is explaining our sinful condition before our holy God. Paul is actually stating that every human being suppresses the truth in unrighteousness therefore “no one seeks for God.”

Paul has shown us our sinful condition that has caused us to be at enmity with the God of the universe in Romans 1. He then moves on to show us the purpose of the law. The law was given so we could see how sinful we are. The purpose of the law was not so we could try to live perfectly obedient to it like many of the religious leaders of the day tried to do. Not one person could attain perfection through the law. God’s commands are perfect and holy as he is perfect and holy therefore it is humanly impossible to gain a right standing with God through obedience of the law. The Jews were also trying to obtain salvation through the circumcision of the flesh. They were teaching a salvation through traditions and works. No matter your idea of salvation there is only one true gospel.

The truth that no one is good or righteous (Rom. 1:10,12) is what ought to motivate us to preach the true gospel. My own idea of the gospel is not the power of God unto salvation. God’s gospel taught in his word is the gospel of power (Rom. 1:16). The church has messed up by trying to cater to those who are “seeking” when the Bible is clear that “no one seeks for God.” Why are we trying to be “seeker friendly” when there are no seekers? This is why I love the gospel so much.

As the church, let’s not try to feed the felt needs of the “seeker.” If we were faithful to feed people the gospel of Jesus Christ hearts would be abundantly full. If we focused our attention on the cross and the empty tomb we would see the power of God at work. When we try to serve up what we think people need we will only notice the power to motivate people until the fad dies out. The gospel is not a fad. The gospel transforms lives for an eternity. The gospel is about God who seeks out sinners whose hearts are dead and gives them life. The gospel is the means he uses to awaken the soul. Listen to the council of Paul and David, “No one seeks for God” and start preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ who came into the world to save sinners.

Christian, may I challenge you to feast on the gospel throughout the day. Sin is all around us and still shows itself in our wicked hearts. Satan lurks around like a lion seeking to devour us. Our flesh is constantly fighting for our attention to indulge in the ways of the world. We must arm ourselves with the gospel armor. May we be ready to defend ourselves with the shield of faith. May we have our sword ready to kill the temptations of sin when they arrive. We must remind ourselves of the gospel that only by God’s grace are we seeking after him.

Grace upon grace,

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