Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guard your Speech

In Maurice Roberts book The Thought of God he has a chapter title Redeeming the Tongue. I was convicted by the titled so that should tell you the fear in my heart has I dove into the chapter. The emphasis in the chapter was the fact that Christians have much to talk about in knowing the Creator yet waste much of that time on idle talk.

"One reason why, as modern Christians, we talk so much about so little is that we are bombarded by trivial speech on every side. The entertainment world, which now has a mouth-piece somewhere in most houses, has a great deal to answer for. It has taught us all how to talk endlessly about nothing. So-called radio and television 'personalities' are often little better than mass educators in the art of trivial talk. That is the world's way and it is to be, in a sense, expected from them. But this bad example is picked up by Christians too. We learn to conform to ever easier and lower levels. Instead, we should raise the tone of our daily conversation to something more consistent with our calling as the sons of God."

Guilty. Maurice is not suggesting Christians be entertained but rather to guard our speech from becoming like the world and talking about nothing but the world's entertainment. We have something way more exciting to talk about than entertainment. We can offer life, true life, in Jesus Christ the One sent to save sinners. May we be careful to redeem our tongues.

Grace upon grace,

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