Thursday, June 17, 2010

Embrace Suffering

Tim Senn gave us a mandate and six motivations from 1 Peter 4:1-6 last night at church. The mandate: A call to embrace suffering for righteous living. Our example is Christ as he obediently embraced suffering so that we may have his perfect righteousness imputed to us by faith in him. The six motivations to embrace suffering for righteous living:

1. Remember that life is short.
2. Resolve to live for the will and glory of God.
3. Realize that self-rule is futile and destructive.
4. Readiness to suffer is rewarded by Christ.
5. Reckon on the reality of judgment.
6. Resurrection is guaranteed.

Tim was challenging us not to waste our lives here on earth but to embrace suffering for righteous living for the reward in Christ. One thing Tim said that hit home was: Sin leads you to a wasted life here and a Christless eternity. We need to do an examination in our hearts to see whether we are still clinging to the fleeting pleasures of sin or we are surrendering all to Christ.

Grace upon grace,

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