Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally 60

Today is my dad's 60th birthday so I just want to use today to thank the Lord for his sixty years. I know I have only been alive for half of those years but during those 31 years of my life I have noticed God's continued work of grace in my dad's life. I am grateful for my dad. I have posted before that I consider him one of my earthly heroes.

One of the things I love is my dad's love for people. He definitely has a care for others that shows in the way he is loyal to people and his love for counseling others. His job as a marriage conference planner is something he loves to do because he loves to interact with people. After the conferences he works he also takes the time to read the things people have written about the conference and is faithful to contact people with questions. I admit I would be timid to do such a thing with strangers but that does not hold him back because he loves to talk with people.

But it is not just that he talks with them but rather what he talks with them about. My dad loves to speak biblical truth about life. He loves to speak the gospel to others. It's not just his actions and love for others that matters but the fact that he speaks gospel truth to them. Marriage advice always goes back to Scripture which ultimately goes to the gospel. Marriage is the greatest human picture of Christ and his bride so my dad understands marriage as significant because it represents the gospel. This is why my dad loves what he does. I love that about him.

I love you,
Your son

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