Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Greatest Substitution

When I should stand before Your wrath condemned
When I should be the one, consumed with sin
When I should be the object of Your justice
You took my place and died

When I should stand, cursed from Adam’s sin
With every breath my God offend
When I should be enslaved to law
Your grace broke through my mess

When I turn away, and selfishly betray
It seem that I can only make mistakes
When all the guilt, tells me I’m unworthy
You only see Your Son

Love brought a different way,
Barged in to save
Yeah, the greatest substitution came my way
And I will sing to You, and with my life I’ll say
Love has no greater than this. (Steve Patterson)

Grace upon grace,

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Seth said...

I love this text, Im glad luke and mollie sang it.