Monday, August 9, 2010

An Urgency for Evangelism

James Smith reminds us of the urgency to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. The urgency comes from the truth that souls will live on forever either in eternity with God or in hell bearing God's wrath. Mr. Smith says, "We should feel for sinners as if we saw them suspended over the burning lake of hell, and one after another falling in! We should feel for sinners as if we could hear the awful splash, as the lost soul takes its terrific plunge into the liquid flaming brimstone!" This is a graphic yet very real image of perishing souls.

A great question to ask yourself is one Mr. Smith addresses: "Friends, do you ever weep over perishing sinners?" I confess this is not my mind-set throughout the day. He goes on: "Is it not astonishing, that we can go to the house of God and pass multitudes of ungodly, careless creatures that throng our streets and never shed a tear! Is it not more astonishing still, that we can preach on the torments of the lost, and the joys of the saved and see the great mass of the people around us rejecting it, yes, refusing to listen to it and not weep bitter, bitter tears!"

Father give me compassion for lost souls and an urgency to tell them of your Son's atoning work for sin.

Grace upon grace,

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