Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Why don't you and Laura put together a scrapbook?"

My wife wanted to write a tribute to her sister Laura for her Birthday so without further ado...

My mom is so smart. I know, you’re thinking, I thought Jason said this was a tribute to her sister. I’ll get there. I feel like my mom always knew things I needed; saw things I could never see about myself. She could suggest something seemingly insignificant and as I’m doing it I realize that she’s brought it up to cause me to realize something significant. One of my favorite things she’s ever said to me is, “Why don’t you and Laura put together a scrapbook from our vacation?”

Some background information, I have three younger sisters. We’re all three years apart and we all got along great growing up. We also always went on vacation growing up. So the summer after my sophomore year of college my parents take us on my favorite vacation; we go to London. A week or so after we get home my mother suggests casually, “Why don’t you and Laura put together a scrapbook?”. We think it’s a great idea. Laura and I are very much alike; we plan, we think through things, we make a great team on projects. Laura and I proceed to spend the entire afternoon and evening together for the next two to three weeks.

This is why my mom is so smart. It wasn’t really ever about the scrapbook; it was about her knowing that doing this together would bring about a deepening to Laura and my relationship. She was exactly right. By the end of that summer my fourteen year old sister was one of my best friends. We were choosing not to hang out with friends so we could stay home to spend time together. That summer still is one of my favorite memories and one of the most significant times in my life because of the friend it gave me. Laura is one of the greatest servants and most others focused people you will ever meet.

She’s been a servant since I can remember. I have distinct memories from when we were little of her volunteering to fold the clothes as Claire and I complained about having to help. Laura is the child who asked me to teach her how to clean a bathroom so that she could help with the house cleaning before Mom considered her old enough to have that be assigned as one of her chores. I remember thinking how different her attitude was from mine. As Laura has grown up and in her walk with the Lord her desire to serve has grown and deepened. She gives up her time, money, whatever it takes to care for someone else. She really may have bought my lunch for a month last summer right after I had Emma as she came over day after day to help me, do my laundry, let me take a nap and a shower, anything I needed.

Laura never wants credit; never asks for attention to be brought to how she served. She actually would prefer that no one knows. She doesn’t serve for attention, she serves because she loves you. She serves because that’s where she’s in her element. She serves because she knows that’s how God’s gifted her and that how she can bring glory to Him.

Happy birthday Laura! I hope I haven’t drawn too much attention to you. You have always been a wonderful sister and are one of my dearest friends. Without even knowing it, you constantly convict me about my selfishness and encourage me to serve others as I see your joy. I love you dearly!


“Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”
Philippians 2:3-4

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