Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are you grateful for your Pastor?

We should all appreciate those men who faithfully teach us the Word of God. We should all be thankful for our own pastors at our local body's that feed us on a regular basis. Pastoring is no easy task if they are faithful pastors to the Word of God. The gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive so pastors who faithfully preach the Bible will be met with resistance. We ought to be grateful for these men as they challenge us to also be faithful to the gospel no matter the cost. J.C. Ryle speaks right of preachers when he says:

"The work of the preacher resembles that of the sower. Like the sower, the preacher must sow good seed, if he wants to see fruit. He must sow the pure word of God, and not the traditions of the church, or the doctrines of men. Without this, his labor will be in vain. He may go to and fro, and seem to say much, and to work much in his weekly round of ministerial duty. But there will be no harvest of souls for heaven, no living results, and no conversions."

As we see these truths in our pastors so should they be a part of our own lives as Christians. May we be faithful to sow the seed of Scripture in the lives of others. May we be faithful to labor for the kingdom of Christ and not our own selfish gain. May we long to see souls rescued from eternal destruction by the grace of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Let us be challenged by our pastors but also strive along with them with the message of hope in Christ crucified.

Grace upon grace,

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