Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Praying for Lecrae

With the highly anticipated fourth studio album from Lecrae coming out next Tuesday I wanted to write a post to encourage us to pray for Lecrae. I believe Rehab will top the Hip-Hop charts on iTunes which will only bring about a frenzy for Lecrae, his family and also Reach Records. I’m encouraged by the fact that an album so gospel-centered is going to potentially top the charts but I’m also concerned because I’ve seen fame damage so many people. This is why I’m encouraging each of us to pray.

1. Pray for Lecrae to keep his feet firmly planted on his foundation, Jesus Christ.
2. Pray for him as the temptation arise for some sort of fame that he would remember he is nothing more than a servant of his Savior.
3. Pray for him to keep his family the number one horizontal relationship.
4. Pray for him to continue to stay connected to his local fellowship for accountability.
5. Pray for Reach Records to keep on keeping on with the message of the Christ and him crucified.
6. Pray for the gospel to penetrate hearts of those who buy and listen to the record.

We love you bro. I hope this record sells millions of copies because I know people will hear the gospel and probably many who have never heard it before. I’m grateful for your talents God has blessed you with and I pray you continue to use it for his glory alone. May you remember you are nothing more than a servant of Jesus Christ. May you remember the great price that was paid at Calvary for your sin. I encourage you with these truths so that as you ponder them you will remain humble and grateful for Christ. Thank you for serving us with your talents and not boasting in yourself but in the only message of hope. I’m sure you have these verses memorized but just a reminder from Proverbs 16: “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (18).

Rehab will be released on September 28.

Grace upon grace,

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