Monday, September 13, 2010

Too much Cross talk?

Sovereign Grace Ministries recently did a series on their blog about The Cross and the Resurrection. Jeff Purswell answered five questions during the series that I believe are very significant questions:

1. Will focusing on the cross lead us to neglect the resurrection?
2. Why focus on a crucified Savior when we serve a living Christ?
3. Will a cross-focus lead us to be more aware of our sin than of our new life in Christ?
4. Doesn't the book of Acts stress the resurrection more than the cross?
5. Will paying so much attention to the atonement lead us to make too much of the cross?

Purswell makes a great point in part 1 of the series: "I suppose one could deal with “the cross” in such a way as to neglect the resurrection, but I suspect that in doing so one would be preaching a different kind of cross—for the cross and the resurrection are inextricable. The absence of one either drains or distorts the meaning of the other. In our circles, I think the use of this phrase is simply an attempt to keep the gospel central in our thinking and preaching, and hopefully our living as well."

To read the entire series on pdf click here.

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