Monday, October 18, 2010

Doctrine Seperates the True and False

"If there is a religion in the world which exalts the office of teaching, it is safe to say that it is the religion of Jesus Christ. It has been frequently remarked that in pagan religions the doctrinal element is at the minimum - the chief thing there is the performance of a ritual. But this is precisely where Christianity distinguishes itself form other religions - it does contain doctrine. It comes to men with definite, positive teaching; it claims to be the truth; it bases religion on knowledge, though a knowledge which is only attainable under moral conditions. I do not see how any one can deal fairly with the facts as they lie before us in the Gospels and Epistles, without coming to the conclusion that the New Testament is full of doctrine...A religion divorced from earnest and lofty thought has always, down the whole history of the Church, tended to become weak, jejune [dull], and unwholesome; while the intellect deprived of its rights within religion, has sought its satisfaction without, and developed into godless rationalism." (James Orr, The Christian View of God and the World)

Grace upon grace,

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