Monday, November 29, 2010

Savior and Lord

I recently started reading Thomas Watson's book The Godly Man's Picture which I would recommend to any person interest in growing in godliness. Watson speaks of a knowledge of God which transforms the true son or daugther of God into a man or woman who strives in life to be like Christ. He does much comparing and contrasting between the true godly man and a hypocrite. He speaks of an applied knowledge to the soul. He asks the question: "But how shall I know that I am making a right application of Christ? A hypocrite may think he applies when he does not."

The answer Watson gives is challenging to the soul:

"He who rightly applies Christ puts these two together, Jesus and Lord. 'Christ Jesus my Lord' (Phil. 3:8). Many take Christ as Jesus - to save them; but refuse him as Lord - to rule them. Do you join 'Prince and Savior' (Acts 5:31)? Would you as well be ruled by Christ's laws as saved by his blood? Christ is 'a priest upon his throne' (Zech. 6:13). He will never be a priest to intercede - unless your heart is the throne where he sways his scepter. A true applying of Christ is when we so take him as a husband, that we give up ourselves to him as Lord."

Jesus is the one who came to bring about salvation to those who would repent and believe in his work on the cross but this comes with a price. The price is coming broken and humbly under the submission to Christ's rule and authority in your life. Those who are bought with the precious blood of Christ will have the desire given to them by the Spirit to follow after the will of God. They will have new desires for submitting to the God's Word. We cannot have Jesus as Savior if we reject him as Lord of our life.

Grace upon grace,

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