Monday, November 8, 2010

Speaking and Doing

There is a notion out there that people want to keep quiet about what they believe about religion; but this is impossible because what they believe affects everything they do. Belief affects all of life. Actions speak what a person believes. Christianity should have no part in this concept of keeping quiet about our faith. This should be true in our speech and deeds.

First a Christian cannot keep quiet about the Gospel. Keeping quiet about the truth is impossible. The regenerated heart must speak of the excellencies of Christ and him crucified. Better news than a cure for cancer is the news that Jesus Christ died in the place of sinners. Why would we keep quiet about this message? This is why I believe it is impossible to be a Christian and yet silent about the truth. Jesus even commands us to go out and make disciples. Disciples can only be made through the spreading of the Gospel. We must speak the truth. We will speak the truth because our hearts are overflowing with joy.

Second a Christian cannot help but do good deeds. We will never do this perfectly or speak the Gospel always but our aim is to do good deeds so that our Father in heaven may receive the glory. We want to pursue all manner of godliness. We want to be men and women who love our neighbor as we love ourselves because we love our great God. If our good deeds are done in a manner to puff up our own ego we are no longer doing good deeds because we are robbing God of his glory. This makes us like the Pharisees who were rebuke by Christ for this very purpose (Matthew 23:5). Christians will not desire to steal the glory from their Father who is in heaven and when they do, they grieve, confess, repent and receive forgiveness through the cross of Christ.

Christian, are you speaking the truth to others about Christ? Yes, we are commanded to proclaim the Gospel but we should also joyfully speak the truth about Christ because apart from Christ we have no hope. With that reality in mind our lives should be an overflow from our new hearts in Christ. We have much to speak about and much to live for so may we be faithful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Grace upon grace,

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