Tuesday, April 5, 2011

God of Victory

O God have mercy, reveal to me my sin,
The guilt the shame the darkness, innate within
The blood of Jesus washes and makes me clean
Condemned now I'm pardoned, once bound now I'm free,
now I'm free

To the God of victory
All glory be to the One who's conquered all
Every tongue will sing to the risen King
Oh the wonder of it all
Just to think that you love me, a wretch like me
Aloud I will rejoice

O Father of my spirit, O King of all my days
Lead me to repentance, by your amazing grace
O may my sin be bitter, so Christ will be sweet
I trust in your promise, life eternally,
life eternally

Sing it loud, shout it out, rejoice, rejoice
Jesus, is King, victorious (Michael Bleeker & Patrick Ryan Clark)

I would recommend the new album God of Victory by The Village.

Grace upon grace,

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