Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happiness is Found in Holiness

Anthony Carter has a great 32 page book on the holiness of God. In the book Anthony talks about true happiness which is only found in holiness:

His name is holy and his holiness permeates all that God does and all that God is. And it is that by which we see that God is also happy. Make no mistake about it; the God of the Bible is a happy God. We are reminded in the Bible that our God is in heaven and he does whatever pleases him (Psalm 115:3).

I don't know about you, but nothing makes me happier than when I am able to do as I please when I please. For me those times are few and far between. Not so for God. The pleasure of God; the eternal bliss, the delight and felicity of God is the manifestation and working out of the holiness of God. The beauty of God's happiness is the beauty of his holiness. God is not as happy because he exists eternally as he is happy because he is holy. That which is most holy is most happy. Consequently, it should be argued that the longing the world has for happiness is actually a longing for holiness.

Holiness is the state of being without sin. It is the perfection of virtue in the purity of godliness. Heaven is a happy place because heaven is a holy place. The human heart has woven into it a desire for heaven, which ultimately is a desire for holiness. The craving of human beings to create a utopia upon the earth is nothing more than the outworking of our innate desire for perfection or the Perfect One.

This is why you hear people say they want to go to heaven because God has designed them to desire him yet in their sin they reject him. Ultimately those who reject Christ are rejecting true, eternal happiness because they are rejecting the One who is holy, holy, holy. I would encourage you all to go to the link and read this short book.

Grace upon grace,

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