Monday, April 11, 2011

How to get rid of Wandering Thoughts (Part 1)

Thomas Watson asks a question I think most Christians struggle with: How may we get rid of these wandering thoughts, so that we may be more spiritual in duty? Basically how to focus more on prayer and Scripture reading in private with having our thoughts in left field. Watson gives us four ways in which to combat wandering thoughts. I will give two of them today and the other two on Wednesday. I hope these are helpful.

Answer 1: Fix your eyes on God's purity. He whom we serve is a holy God, and when we are worshiping him, he cannot tolerate our conversing with vanity. While a king's subject is speaking to him, will the king like him to playing with a feather? Will God endure light, feathery hearts? How devout and reverent the angles are! They cover their faces and cry, 'Holy, holy'.

Answer 2: Think of the grand importance of the duites we are engaged in. As David said, concerning his building a house for God, 'the work is great' (1 Chron. 29:1). When we are hearing the Word, 'the work is great.' This is the Word by which we shall be judged. When we are at prayer, 'the work is great.' We are pleading for the life of our souls, and is this a time to trifle?

Grace upon grace,

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