Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to get rid of Wandering Thoughts (Part 2)

Today is part 2 of Thomas Watson's help on getting rid of wandering thoughts during our time of communion with God. For part 1 click here.

Answer 3: Come with delight to duty. The nature of love is to fix the mind upon the object. The thoughts of a man who is in love, are on the person he loves, and nothing can distract them. The thoughts of a man who loves the world are always intent on it. If our hearts were more fired with love, they would be more fixed in duty, and oh, what cause we have to love duty! Is not this the direct road to heaven? Do we not meet with God here? Can the spouse be better than in her husband's company? Where can the soul be better than in drawing near to God?

Answer 4: Consider the mischief that then vain distracting thoughts do. They blow away our duties; they hinder fervency; they show great irreverence; they tempt God to turn his ear away from us. Why do we think God should heed our prayers - when we ourselves scarcely heed them?

Grace upon grace,

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