Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jesus Wants My Heart

Daniel Renstrom has released a new album titled Jesus Wants My Heart. This is a short three song album aimed at kids but if you are an adult please do not dismiss this album. Daniel has quickly become one of my favorite artist because of the Christ-centered theology in his songs. Yes, the music is good. Yes, he has a nice voice. But more importantly he has a high view of God and a right view of man behind his songs. He understands the gospel and his songs reflect it. This album is no different. As I listened to the songs closely, I quickly discovered this is more of a children's album rather than a kids album.

What do I mean by children's album?

Daniel did a wonderful job keeping the songs short and simple in words; but the theological truths behind the songs make this an album for all of ages. If you have young children this is a great album that will teach rich biblical truths. But I really think this album is also for all of God's children.

My favorite song on the disc is Love Love Love because of three biblical truths we see in this song:

1. God's bigness - "He knows every shining star above and calls them each by name. He formed the mighty mountains and the seas"

2. God's salvation in Christ - "The greatest gift He's given us is sending Jesus and making Him a substitute for sins"

3. God's electing grace - "He has loved you long before you could have loved Him in return"

Simple yet so profound. A child can listen and hear the truth. A Christian can listen and rejoice in the truth of the gospel. Daniel has done a great job putting it to great music for children and adults alike. I would encourage each of you spend $3 to buy Jesus Wants My Heart. It is out on iTunes today.

If you have never heard either of Daniel's other two albums (Adore and Temble and On the Incarnation) I would encourage you to give them a listen.

Grace upon grace,

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