Wednesday, June 22, 2011

True Passion

In Byron Yawn's book Well Driven Nails he speaks about what true passion looks like in a preacher but I believe this should be true of every Christian:

"True passion risks its own dignity to exalt Christ. True passion is a freedom from insecurity and the fear of man. It's a type of freedom people observe in a sermon on Sunday and want in their lives on Monday. Piper described this phenomenon as a liberating self-forgetfulness:

'I just know that what I want is the gift of self-forgetfulness in what I would call a full engagement, a full passion, a full zeal with what's there in the text, and the reality of God in and through the text. I want to see Him, and know Him, be engaged by Him, be thrilled by Him, say it with whatever effectiveness I can, and let the chips fall where they will...'

He offered this summary of the same idea, 'It's a freedom from self-consciousness. Preaching has reached its ideal moment when I have seen and perceived and am experiencing the greatness of what I see about God in the text and am loving it'."

Once again I know this book is aimed at expository preaching but I wonder how much carelessness in the church would be nonexistent if lay people would be in awe of God. We've been duped by so many pastors and preachers because rather than dig into the text ourselves we take their word for Scripture. We don't want to investigate ourselves because frankly most of us think it does not have an affect on our lives. Digging into the Scriptures is for church and ministry people. It is their job to teach us, so we think. But shouldn't every Christians desire to know God? Shouldn't we all want to be "thrilled by Him?"

Christian, open your Bible. Read God's Word! Be thrilled by his holiness, glory, righteousness, majesty, wrath, grace, mercy, love, kindness, gentleness and the list could go on. Be so thrilled that you cannot be quiet about him. Be so thrilled that when you are being quiet it is driving you crazy because of your silence. Being thrilled with God will produce true passion which will drive away the fear of man because of your love for God. I pray this is me more often than naught.

Grace upon grace,

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