Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stand on God's Promises

Yesterday I posted the hymn Standing on the Promises of God because I have recently been pondering why believers struggle with doing the very thing we sing.  This is an area I struggle but I'm not thinking I am alone.  We see these outrageous promises written in God's Word yet we tend to doubt them so often.  Most of the time this takes place because we are so focused on us.  We see our failures to resist temptation and give into the flesh which in turn makes us wonder if God's promises are really for us.  This type of doubt goes beyond the self-examination process.  Self-examination is a good thing and doubt can drive us to self-examination but I am concerned about unbelief.  Unbelief means we are not believing God's promises to be true.

If you are familiar with the song you know the tune is pretty jubilant.  The writer is trying to communicate the joy of standing on God's promises.  Too many times we, as Christians, are hanging our heads because of what we have done rather than rejoicing in what Christ completed.  I'm not saying we should just dismiss sin as no big deal but I am saying there is great joy in the promises of God.  When he says, "Sin shall no longer have dominion over you for you are no longer under law but under grace", that means sin no longer has dominion because of grace. God is not making empty promises.  He wants us to believe the truth.  This is also why the hymn writer says, "Standing on the promises of God" so many times in the song.  We need to be reminded where to stand.  When we look at our performance our heads will always be hanging but when we gaze upon Christ we can rejoice in his grace and mercy to sinners like us.

My encouragement to each of you is to consider once again the words of the hymn. But even greater than those words are the words of our God written to us in Holy Scripture.  There is promise after promise in the Bible where we should dwell and memorize so when the storms of doubt arises we can fight with the truth.  When temptations are all around us may we be ready with the Word of God to fight.  May we be people who are constantly standing on the promises of God.

Grace upon grace,

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