Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Music with Instruction

I love music.  I know nothing about it but I can listen with the best of them.  I've also never missed one note in my car.  My steering wheel recently told me I have the voice of an angel.  Okay not really but I do love music and the words in my book are as important as the music itself.  I love artist that can make my mind think and especially love artist that make my heart and mind focus on Christ.  Matt Papa is one of those artist.  He recently released a new album titled This Changes Everything.  The title track has some of my favorite lines on the entire album.  Matt is speaking about growing up in church and how it is easy for those who have grown up that way to become callous to great truths.  Here are some of the words:

I grew up in a little town
Used to sing in the old church house
There in the pew where I used to hide
Learned the story bout the man who died

Well I was sure I heard that He got back up
But as we broke the bread and drank the cup
Seemed the faces told another tale
They were as dry as the bread was stale

Did I miss something? Was I not supposed to cry?
Did they hear preacher, "Jesus is alive"?

I think Matt does a great job of helping us, as the Church, to see that the truth of the resurrection should bring great excitement to our souls every time we are reminded of it.  He goes on to say:

Oh Lord have I become a man
Too scared to be a child again
Too comfortable with amazing grace
Familiar with the empty grave

We should never become "too comfortable" with God's abundant grace he has lavished upon us and too "familiar" with the resurrection.  These are life altering truths. 

In the chorus he asks some "If" questions:

If this is true, this changes everything
If this is real, I've got to tell the world
If He is God, then I've got a choice to make
If I believe, then I must follow Him

Then in the last chorus he changes to the fact that these things are true:

Cause this is true and this changes everything
This is real so I've got to tell the world

That He is God, and now there's a choice to make
If you believe, then you must follow Him

I'm grateful for songwriters like Matt Papa.  Check him out.

Grace upon grace,

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