Monday, April 23, 2012

The Faithful God

The faithful God

The one true, eternal, God is God
Faithful, his immutability means he's the unchanging one
Independent, he has no need for anyone or anything
Completely self-sufficient, he needs no offerings
Unchanging is who is in his purposes and promises
If he were to change we should wonder, "What kind of god is this?"
Eternal, no beginning and with no end
Who was, who is, who is to come is hard to comprehend
Omnipresent, he's everywhere, there's no place to hide
If you think you're hiding your sin from him this should make you terrified
Unified, no one attribute is greater than another
Complete in every part of his character, completely together
This is our God, the God of the Bible, the one we can trust
Holy, merciful, gracious, loving and just
His faithfulness is no different from his other attributes
He is fraithful in spite of our faithlessness, this is an absolute
How can we be sure he will be faithful to us in all of life?
We can look to cross where he sacrficed his Son to pay our great price
If God would not spare his one and only begotten Son
Why would we doubt him? Thinking he would forsake his own love?
He promised to redeem a people for his own possession
Then provided the substitute, Jesus, who suffered much rejection
The cost was great, with much pain and grief
But God made a promise he was faithful to keep
So with the greatest promise fulfilled in Christ
Why do we doubt his faithfulness with the simple things in life?
Food, clothes, shelter, tend to bring us much worry
The problem begins and ends because our vision of Jesus is blurry
But why do we worry when our cup overflows?
O we of little faith, not trusting the God who is faithful

Grace upon grace,

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