Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Good Life

Today I want to promote an album coming out next Tuesday, April 10 by my favorite artist Trip Lee.  The album is called The Good Life being released by Reach Records.  If you are a fan of Hip-Hop I would recommend this album.  But more importantly if you want to hear words that magnify Jesus Christ I would tell you to get this album.  Trip has always done a great job at pointing people to Jesus Christ through his lyrics.  In rap music the artist can really present a mini-sermon with all the words being used in a song.  They are able to communicate more information.

I was recently on You Tube and caught a live version of the track Take Me There featuring Jimmy Needham.  A few other songs have already been released but I am most excited about this track because it is really a cry for heaven.  It is a cry to see Jesus face to face and to dwell with him for all eternity.  I am ready to hear the recorded track.  Here is the song:

Grace upon grace,

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