Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Gospel Poem

Let's start at a time when nothing existed
Besides the holy Creator who spoke everything into existence
He spoke and everything came to be, Creator means he owns you and me
He rules and reigns all he created, he has dominion in his sovereignty,
All-knowing, all- powerful, he's present at all times, in all places
He is the one true eternal God, faithful, loving, full of patience
Judge of all the earth he is jealous to protect his glory,
He's not jealous of any human although that seems to be Oprah's story
Gave his perfect will for us to obey, delight in him everyday
But we wanted his throne, we were led astray
Deceived in the garden Our condition is ruined from birth,
No way to escape our sinful nature when brought into this world
Inherited from our first parents, Adam and Eve wanted God's throne
Deceived, thought they would receive the status of God
Believing the serpents lie, they spiritually died
Separated from God, perfect fellowship was denied
Broken, Cut off from the garden, our hearts are hardened
Enslaved, shackled by sin's power, we need God's grace to be pardoned
We've all gone astray led away by sins various pleasures
But God had a plan in his infinite wisdom to send his Son he treasured
The Long expected Messiah left the glories of heaven
The Light of the world, the Bread of life, the holy manna
Descended from his throne to take the form of a slave
Perfect life, death on a cross, the Son of God laid in the grave
But death could not hold him, no way could the grave contain him
The stone was rolled away, the angel declared, "He is risen!"
Jesus died in our place as our substitute, bearing our wrath we deserved
Sins forgiven, made new creation's, eternal life now reserved
Jesus the only way of salvation, enter by the narrow gate
Confess your sins, be forgiven, repent before it's too late
The call of salvation is ringing loud to all ears
Come you tired and wearied souls, Jesus draws near
He desires for all to repent, he laid his life down on a tree
He demonstrated his love, not for the righteous, but enemies like you and me
No greater love will you find in all your days
Turn and run to Jesus, forsake your wicked ways
The gospel is a command, don't reject the forgiveness found in Christ
He loved you like no other, he paid your infinite price
Place your faith in him today, trust him, find yourself hope and freedom
Enemy to friend, sinner to saint, you will be adopted into his kingdom
God the holy Creator, owner of all
Those he created rebelled, sinners from the fall
But Jesus descended, lived, died, rose defeating the grave
Will you reject Jesus? Repent and believe for his life he gave

Grace upon grace,

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