Monday, May 7, 2012

No Greater Joy

Imagine, no greater joy than this
The bliss
He redeemed those who were his
By the God who rules on his throne
He loved the world so much he sent his Son to make them his own
But when I say Son I mean the God-man Jesus Christ
He dwelt in heaven with the Father and Spirit
Enjoying perfect fellowship as the triune God
Not needing us but we needing a substitute
This was an absolute
Cause sinners are not able to stand before holiness
So in weakness he came
Born as a slave
From the womb of a virgin
This was the plan before the foundations were formed
Because of Adam all mankind needed to be restored
"But it's not my fault" most people cry
"I didn't eat the forbidden fruit"
But they lie to themselves thinking they don't deserve to die
But the truth remains
We're all born in the grave
It's an ugly sight
But in our sin we take much delight
Eternal darkness
Eternal death
Endless punishment is ours to endure
God is all just, we must come to him pure
This is why we need a substitute
The perfect One
The spotless Lamb
Jesus Christ Fully God and truly man
Our hope
Our Rescuer
Redeemer, Master and Lord
He is the gospel
Not some made up fairy tale
But in Him life will be happily ever after
No end to the life he offers
He will not be mocked by fools or scoffers
But glorified
Exalted he sits at the right of the Father
His enemies shouldn't even bother
They can't take his throne
His name is Jesus
The glory belongs to him alone
He humbly came to mediate on our behalf
He came to die in our place
So we could tell others,
"I'm not better than you, I'm just a sinner saved by grace!"

Amazing grace
How sweet is the sound
Praise the King of kings
Praise him loud
He is worthy
He makes me clean
Even though I was dirty
Stained with the darkest of sin
Relentlessly he pursued me
My soul to win
No longer to fear death, hell, eternal devastation
This is God's grace that exceeds my imagination
Impossible to comprehend His love has no end
It is finished in the cross
The blood Jesus paid the debt for the lost Infinite cost
His death was a must
The Father's wrath had to be satisfied
In order to remain just
He sent the justifier
Invaded my soul, he changed my desires
No longer a slave to sin
My chains have been broken
My life rearranged
 Because of God's Word being spoken
The Spirit He opened my eyes
Now I could see for the very first time
I'm alive
The pursuit of godliness
Known as Sanctification
Loving the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, strength
Naturally allows me to love my neighbor like I love myself
Neither command is possible
Without the Spirit's help
His power working in me
Me Being faithful to my responsibility
Submitting to God's will
Following hard, treasuring the Scriptures
His Word
The Bible
Forsaking the fleeting pleasures of sin
Running from any idol
Christ is superior
He is the greatest treasure
He offers eternal joy at his right hand
He promises eternal pleasure
The last link of the unbreakable chain
Found in Romans 8:30
Since we've been called
This chain says we will see him eye to eye
Because we'll be glorified
Seated with him in the heavenly place
We will sing with the angels
Praising the Lamb who was slain
This is the guarantee
The promise
God's design before there was time
He chose a people for his own possession
He had them in mind
He had me in mind Me?
Brought in by adoption
All praise to the triune God!

Grace upon grace,

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