Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Jesus

Joe Thorn has written a great book title Note to Self.  The book is on the discipline of preaching the gospel to yourself which is a practice all believers ought to have in their lives.  In his chapter Jesus is Big he says:

The bigger and more biblical your understanding of who Jesus is, the more likely he is to be such an object of love and adoration that the idols that aim at capturing your attention and swaying your allegiance will lose their power.

This is where theology meets the practical.  The more we know Jesus we dim the allurements of sin.  We sing this very truth in the song Turn your eyes upon Jesus when we say "Turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of this world will grow strangely dim."  A small view of Jesus will do just the opposite.  Thorn goes on to say:

Small Jesus does not inspire awe, command respect, lead to worship, or compel us to talk of him (much less suffer for him).  And small Jesus is too little to arrest the attention of the world.

May we all grow in our knowledge of the Savior but not for knowledge sake.  May we grow in order to love him more so that the allurements of the world will pale in comparison to his greatness.

Grace upon grace,

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